No want wants to have to call for air condition repair. Chances are it will happen at the worst possible time. The in-laws are coming for their summer vacation, a party is planned or perhaps it’s just the hottest part of the summer. There are steps to take to keep the AC purring along and everyone in the house as cool as cucumbers. Here are some steps to take:
Have a pre-season checkup: Having a regular tune-up and preventative maintenance appointment will stave off an array of difficulties. It should be done before the dog days of summer arrive when everyone else is calling for a service tech to come since their AC just bit the dust. If the system is an HVAC system, meaning a combination heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit, the checkup should be done twice a year, once before summer temps rise and once before winter temps drop.

Listen for unusual noises coming from the unit: Clanks, bangs and groans aren’t normal and could indicate trouble brewing. This is the time to get a tech out before the thing stops dead in its tracks. Notice smells: If an appliance begins to smell strange, this is a red flag that something is amiss. Wiring may be overheated, something may be clogging the vents or debris may be lodged in the ductwork. Pay attention to the messages that the senses are receiving.

Keep it clean: Units that are outside on the roof or beside the house will most likely get dirty. Dirt, debris, and falling leaves are just a few of the bits of nature that need to be removed from the cabinet. Change filters: Monthly changing of the filter is one of the simplest things that a homeowner can do to maintain the AC. Keeping a stockpile of the proper sized filters will make it convenient to do this task on a specific day. Marking one’s calendar will help the memory click in.
Keep ducts and vents from being blocked: Don’t put furniture over or in front of ductwork or vents. Proper ventilation is needed for the system to work properly. Check drain pan: Check the drain pan of the unit. Clean or empty as necessary. Lubricate motor: Motor should be lubricated and fan belt replaced as it wears out.

Monitor the age of the appliance: If an AC is a decade or so old, chances are it’s not running very efficiently. Air conditioners aren’t meant to last forever and new technology has improved the efficiency and carbon footprint of each machine. Tax breaks are available to homeowners who purchase energy star appliances. This is good for the planet and good for a home-owner’s wallet.

Notice any unusual rise in utility bills: When utility bills skyrocket all of a sudden, this may be a signal that the AC is working too hard and needs to be checked out. Air condition repair can be prevented if homeowners take certain steps. Look, listen and smell the AC and perform routine maintenance chores. When the summer heat arrives, the appliance will be ready.